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Upon listening to the important automated message, press 2; then, press 4

Other countries: 1-888-442-5089

McAfee Quickstart Services FAQ

Congratulations on your recent purchase of McAfee® Security Quickstart™. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can now access the power of McAfee Security Quickstart services starting today. Read on to learn how to access your account and start taking advantage of your purchased McAfee Quickstart Services.

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Within a week, you will receive a Welcome Email containing your username, temporary password and a link where you can access - the McAfee Quickstart Platform. Upon receiving the Welcome Email, your account set-up will have been validated and you can login and schedule your session(s).

Send an email to with your company name. A member of our team will reach out to you shortly with a copy of your welcome email.

No. At this time, there is only one Point Of Contact (“POC”) per account. To change a POC, send an email to with the new first/last name, phone number and email address. McAfee will send new login credentials to that person.

Go to, enter the POC email address and click “Forgot Your Password”. If you have any problems, send an email to

Prior to the session, be sure you have access to your email, are able to remote into your server and that your appliance is mounted and powered so that you can fully utilize your time block. Please, download all relevant software via our ftp site using your grant number prior to your session.

Log into, click on the "Experts On-Demand" tab and select "Schedule New" on the sub-menu. You will be asked a number of questions about your environment and then you will be presented with two calendar icons where you can make your schedule requests for a preferred and an alternate datetime.

Sessions are delivered Monday through Friday,

  • 9AM-1PM
  • 2PM-6PM
  • 9AM-6PM
  • 7PM-11PM
  • 12AM-4AM

with schedule request defaulting to +5 business days from the current date to allow time to schedule the proper resource. Without any guarantee and depending upon resource availability, McAfee may honor schedule requests less than 5 business days or your suggested datetime schedule request.

Yes, for ePO and/or VirusScan/Anti-Spyware only; but, it is available at twice the number of sessions. Schedule requests must be submitted:

before 3:00 PM EST for next day service

after 3:00 PM EST for second day service

Other products: there is no guarantee McAfee can honor these schedule requests; but, we will do our best to accommodate the requests on a case-by-case basis. If accepted, the rate will be at twice the number of sessions.

No. All communication is done via emails and on-sessions

No. Whether or not you use 30 minutes, 2.0 hours, etc…, it counts as one session.

Twelve months from the date of purchase; then, they will expire.

Although we’d like to accommodate such requests, the assigned consultant’s technical skill set is matched to the product you’ve selected and technical discussions and questions must be confined to the selected product.

After submitting your request for a session, an automatic email confirmation will be sent to you stating that we have received your information. A member of the McAfee Quickstart team will reach out to you on or before the Friday prior to the date you requested to confirm the status of your session, as our Resource Planning takes place at the end of each week. Do not be alarmed if you don't hear from someone right away, as our team is working to locate the right resources to deliver your sessions on the requested date.

Our sessions are delivered using the gotoassist software, which supports a 1-to-1 connection. As long as your employees are in the same location, you can have as many people as you need to attend the session. If you have a situation that requires employees from different remote locations to attend, please let the McAfee Quickstart team know prior to the session delivery so that we can make the necessary arrangements. Please note, in these situations, we ask that you provide your own WebEx for the session.

Make sure your environment supports the gotoassist interface ( by ensuring that ports 80, 443, and 8200 are open for outbound traffic in your firewall. We will send you instructions.

No; this is what McAfee Technical Support does and this service is covered under the grant # you have received from McAfee.

Before scheduling a session, request the appropriate Quickstart Product Scope Definition; they are mini-scope definitions of what McAfee will be doing in the areas of new installation, upgrade, optimization and knowledge transfer.

**Important**: Not everything can be done remotely via the Quickstart program. If we assess that your request is out-of-scope, we may suggest alternative solutions, such as an onsite professional services engagement.